Anonymous Letters to 2 Students

Dear *******,

It is hard for me to explain how the human soul inspires another, but you have a great future in front of you. …If you choose to believe in all of the mystery and greatness of dreams. Don’t give up your dreams too soon either.

Read every biography, watch every video, go to every lecture, meeting or rally of legends who inspire you. Be saturated by the works of your heroes, not your peers. …until your heroes are your peers.

Challenges will not deter you.


Miss Clark

Dear ******,

It is hard to explain why I have to leave, but I care deeply about your success. I will miss seeing you succeed this year, because I know you would have. Should you ever feel doubt or frustration, know you can do it. I have faith that you will succeed no matter what–and I have a direct line to Jesus. Decide what you want in life, get really good at it, and be the one who makes everybody think, but everybody laugh while you’re doing it.


Miss Clark


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